Three points for choosing the best insoles in basketball



This time I would like to talk about the best insoles in basketball. From hundreds of types, we will recommend the best insoles for basketball with commentary.

First of all it is basic, but if insoles is included in basketball shoes, please be sure to put new things after removing it. If you put the insole on the insoles, it slips and it is very dangerous.

The next important thing is about the purpose of placing an insoles in basketball. Recommended by foot trouble Insoles for basketball will change. Let’s think about what to buy for basketball purposes.

the best basketball insoles 1.Measures against sprain

Sprains are troubles of feet that are likely to occur for people with many opportunities to jump, such as basketball. In Japan, it seems that 10 thousand people develop a sprain a day. Of sports injuries, 75% are hind leg injuries, most of which are said to be ankle sprains.

Then, what is best to prevent sprains? What is important in sprains is to support the instability of the heel and arch support that causes the ankle to fall down easily. In other words, to prevent sprains, it is important to ensure stability.

Heel support

The heel is very unstable and easily collapsed. If it is an insoles that wraps the heel completely, it is best for sprain prevention. The best is custom made insoles, but because it is expensive, I think that it is also insoles that is cheap and shape determined. There is a cushioned insoles in the heel, but stability is the opposite. It will make it easier for you to sprain, so be careful.

Arch support

The arch is one of the three arches on the sole of the foot. The arch plays a very important role in standing in balance and obtaining stability of walking. The arch is made of ligaments and muscles, so when you get tired from playing basketball, the arch will come down.

Supporting the receding arch is “arch support insoles”. You can support lowered arch and prevent sprains.

Also, best arch support is custom made insoles. Support the arch of the foot by taking the shape of the foot when not tired. In addition, it is best because it also sells arch support insoles with protrusions on insoles even on the market. Since the height of the arch is each person, it is good to purchase after confirming whether it is sure to match when purchasing.

In sprain countermeasures, we think best insoles that emphasizes stability that does not have cushioning as much as possible. With cushioning, it makes me feel like walking on the bed, and when I play basketball, it tends to be a sprain.

The best basketball insoles 2.Knee / hip measure

If you want to reduce the knee / hip impact when landing with basketball, it is best to use an insoles that absorbs shocks. Although cushioning ones are also nice, in the case of cushioning, it is a feeling that they are walking on the bed, there are many things that affect knees and waist rather than it.

If you lose the balance of your feet during basketball, it affects various joints to the ankle, knee, waist. Even if the stability of the feet collapses, it is the same. Custom made insoles is the best if you worsen extra using cushioned insoles.

I told that custom made insoles is also the best during sprains. If you say why so custom made insoles are the best, there are reasons for that. First of all, most basketball professional players says that they use the manufacturer’s on the insoles sales page, but most of them are special specifications.

The basketball professional uses insoles, not only the shape of the foot, but also measures the shape of the shoes to make a custom made insoles. The ordinary one can purchase it because it is a custom made insoles measuring the shape of the foot so that most people can not even purchase it.

Just customizing your feet has enough effect, so you should try it.

The best basketball insoles 3.Fish eyes and callus measure

When you play basketball, you can make fish eyes and callus. They will develop by repeatedly applying pressure to the same place. The top of the foot, the eyes of the fish on the fingers, the person who is stuck, the shoes do not match. Please select your shoes according to your size.

For those who can make fish eyes and feet on the soles of the feet, we recommend using cushioned insoles. It becomes difficult to disperse pressure. Custom made insoles are also the best because they also distribute pressure.




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