You should learn from the history! With the unexpected meaning of the insole


You always use the insole casually.However, have you not thought, “I will have any meaning in an insole?”
The development of the insole advances in Europe and America and is recognized widely.
The insole is an underdeveloped country still more in Japan.It is natural for there to be the doctor who is specialized in a foot so that there is a podiatrist in Europe and America.
Therefore most people may be assigned to “the meaning of the insole” and understand.

However, the understanding about the meaning does not penetrate in Japan.
“Cushion characteristics are good” or seem to often purchase it for a reason to “have a deodorization function”. If you do not understand a meaning, is right; cannot choose it.
In present Japan, the kinds of the insole overflow.

Therefore I want to think about the meaning of the insole this time.


History of insole

You must know what kind of reason an insole was born for to understand the meaning of the insole.
At first you will learn about shoes and the history of the insole before knowing the meaning of the insole.

learn history of insole 1.history of shoes

You must think about shoes and the insole with a set now.There is not the insole without shoes, and there are not the shoes without the insole, too.It is said that the existing oldest shoes are shoes of the loafer type approximately 5,500 years ago.

I ran to a fisherman from a noble in Europe in the Middle Ages, and shoes and sandals spread widely. It must wait until the Industrial Revolution that leather shoes spread to a citizen.

On the other hand, Japan is delayed considerably than Europe.Japan has the culture of sandals and clogs, and it is after the Meiji Restoration that shoes enter.It is said that it is Ryoma Sakamoto to have worn shoes first in Japan.

learn history of insole 1.history of insole

Then how about the history of the insole of the main subject?It is very important in knowing the meaning of the insole.
In fact, it is these days, and it is after that an insole is known for the first time.

Sporting company released the thing which arranged the arch cushion to rubber shoes for the first time in 1929.This is the moment when an insole came out to the front stage for the first time.It seemed to be a purpose to do arch support.
The functional effect was not so clear.

In other words, an insole was developed; the meaning of the insole was support of the arch at first.I thought that it was a purpose to change an insole when shoes became dirty.However, the meaning of the insole is not deodorization and a cushion, moisture absorption and is “arch support”. This is the meaning of the insole of the beginning.

In late years, with the spread of shoes to a citizen, the trouble that irrationality to “adjust a foot to shoes” causes occurs.It is the example which heels have good.Then the development of the insole advances. An orthopedist plays a key role and pays my attention to shoes and the relations of the foot and comes to develop an insole for remedial correction mainly.

I think that what was made with a meaning to correct understands the insole in this way.I evolve from the support of the arch to the correction of the foot, and a deodorization function and the development of the cushion-related insole advance from there.

The meaning of the insole might be understood by the reader read to here considerably.

meaning of insole?

You learned about the history of the insole. Because an orthopedist matched shoes with a foot as arch support, the insole was developed. It is a big merit that became able to easily process so that this is an insole, and a fitting is made in a foot and an insole.

Then will there be the thing that how is the meaning of the insole as for the present when the technique of the insole developed?

learn about insole

There are eight roles of the insole.
1.Maintenance of the ideal arch
2.Buffering of the shock
3.Adjustment of the balance of the whole body
4.It is decompressed the local site
5.Control (availability of traffic facilities) of the exercise
6.Legendary man with long legs manipulation
7.Improvement of the walk
8.Performance up of sports




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