Four points that you should think about in the insoles of sneaker


I comment on the characteristic of the insoles for sneaker for an at a loss person what kind of insoles I shall purchase to sneaker by this article. The insoles of sneaker has the kind with several hundred kinds. You will be surprised at many excessive kinds if nothing understands an insoles, and you go to the shop.

At first it is important to make a reason clear what you put an insoles in the sneaker for the purpose of. It becomes easy to choose a thing matching sneaker if you understand a reason.

About how to choose insoles for sneaker, please inflect effectively.


Let’s clarify the purchasing purpose of insoles to put in sneaker

First of all, let’s clarify why you purchase insoles for sneaker. The purpose of purchasing depends on people. According to our investigation, the motive for purchasing insoles is as follows.

Purchase motive

1st: For deodorant
2nd: for size adjustment
3rd: prevention of stuffiness (sweat)
4th: absorption shock
5th: for heat insulation
6th: hallux valgus ,flat feet

The most common motive for purchasing is for deodorant. Sneaker are the smell most of what we wear. It is natural that it stinks because it is a thing to wear everyday. From the desire to erase the smell even a little, there are so many people who purchase deodorant insoles for sneaker.

What motivates you to buy your insoles for sneaker?

So what is the motive for purchasing insoles for sneaker? Probably, I think that you want to put insoles for sneaker as sports applications such as marathon running. Besides that, some people may wear sneaker when going out, or use sneaker at work.

Sneaker are versatile shoes and it is very convenient to use for various purposes. By the way, in Europe and America there is no culture to wear sneaker as much as in Japan. Many people are wearing sneaker as the image of Japanese people says that they like sneaker.

That’s why I want to think about putting insoles in sneaker well. Let’s take a closer look at the incentive purchase motives for sneaker.

Deodorant type insoles

Regardless of sneaker, the first place in the ranking of insoles is “deodorant”. If you are wearing sneaker and athletic shoes and playing sports, the smell of sneaker is very worrisome. Then, what sort of deodorant insoles is good for sneaker? To understand it, you need to understand what causes the smell of sneaker.

There may be many people who think that the smell of the sneaker is “sweat”, but sweat is not the cause of the smell. Originally, sweat is odorless. The cause of smell is caused by sweat as a nutrient source, a substance decomposed by the indigenous bacteria (bacteria) in the foot, “isovaleric acid”.

Bacteria, which cause the smell of sneaker, are in the skin between fingers and nails. Nutrients are sweat, scales and so on. It is said that there are many sweat glands on the sole of the foot, and it is 5-10 times the back. It is said that you can sweat a glass of water just by having a day.

Therefore, in order to be deodorized, “absorption of sweat” and “deodorization” are two. Even if it is only deodorized, if it does not absorb sweat, the bacteria grows steadily and eventually it will not be able to completely deodorize the smell.

Answer: Purchase deodorant insoles with sweat
Two effects of sweat absorption and deodorization are essential for sneaker.

Sizing of sneaker

When the foot size is small, it is often troubled because you do not have the size of the sneaker you want. For that, it is good to adjust the size by putting a thick insoles in the sneaker. Let’s be careful not only to fit length and width, but also to avoid hitting sneaker on the instep.

Running or running a marathon may have caused the armor to rub against sneaker and blood has come out. Its size is designed to suit people of that size, so it may not fit even if you adjust the size.

Let’s see if sneaker and legs match, so that they do not get hurt.

Prevent stuffiness

Running a marathon, you may sweat, socks get wet, sometimes slip in the sneaker. It will be very uncomfortable if the sneaker get wet.

For prevent stuffiness, we need to see what sneaker are. Because sneaker manufacturing technology of recent years has developed dramatically, sneaker with breathable abilities such as mesh sneaker come out.

Although it is a sneaker with good breathability, insoles raise the absorbency of moisture so much, there is no meaning if it lacks breathability.
Breathable sneaker: Breathable insoles
Sneaker with bad breathability: Insoles that absorbs moisture

Please choose insoles according to sneaker like this.

Shock absorption

When you play sports you will want to reduce the shock by choosing the insoles with less impact on the foot as possible. Even if it says simply to reduce the shock, there are two ways to do it.

Low Repulsion Material

It utilizes low rebound materials that became famous with pillows. Such as plantar fasciitis, perfect for those with pain in the insoles of the foot. However, it is not suitable for those who want to ease the impact on the knees and waist.

Please imagine that you are walking on the bed. When you walk on bed, you can hardly walk. If your feet become unstable, it will put a strain on your hips and knees to support it. If you feel pain on the sole, you can blister, octopus, if you can have fish eyes, we recommend insoles with low repulsion material.
However, please be careful as it may hurt your knees and knees.

custom made insoles

Custom-made insoles is an insoles that fits your feet. Recently, it has become available also in major sports shops, so the number of people put in sneaker has also increased. By adjusting to the shape of the foot, the pressure is dispersed, so it is not in the low rebound insoles, shock absorption not hurting the hips and knee can be expected.

There are problems, however.

That it is expensive. There is a price that makes it quite handsome. Depending on the insoles, there are also things that cost 90-100 dollar. Because it is more expensive than sneaker, it is likely that it will not be able to step down midway to purchase.

Another problem is that it only fits foot. Athletes make insoles suitable for foot and shoes (sneaker). Because impact can not be fully absorbed unless it matches the shape of sneaker. Even if you make it to fit the shape of your foot, sneaker and insoles pressure will not be uniform unless it matches sneaker, the body will also be affected.




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