Be careful about three in the insoles for the high arch


The high arch means the state that the arch of a foot is high in.
It is the flat-footed reverse pattern that the arch of a foot is low.
Because there is the arch of a foot, the high arch may think that there is no problem.
However, a suspicious person rather famous as for this. It may become more troublesome than flat feet.

As for the high arch, the most are said to be caused by heredity.It does not become the high arch in a born state, and it is in a high arch in a process of the growth.

It is revealed that I compare the foot of right and left whether it is not so whether a high arch is a hereditary thing.
In the case of a hereditary high arch, it becomes right and left into a similar arched form form.

When it is not hereditary, and there is an abnormality in muscle and ligament, the form of the high arch changes in right and left.Because an arch is made of ligament and muscles as for this, it is caused by the fact that there is not a decided form.

I want to talk about the insoles for a high arch and the high arch this time.


The reason that a high arch does not have good

Why is the high arch not good? It means that the arch of a foot is high in the thing called the high arch. It is to have the space where the arch of a foot falls into only by just that much that the arch of a foot is high.

The high arch changes the condition of the foot

The arch is comprised of ligament and muscle. Running when stand, and work, mean that the condition of the foot greatly changes.

In addition, because the center of gravity movement of the foot is high in an arch, I come to move to the little finger side, and the weight moves from the little finger side to the thumb side like a brick in total though a center of gravity suffers from a previous foot part from a heel.

As a result, moving distance is long and falls down to the inside with acceleration being high.

Therefore muscle to stabilize a sole and an ankle at the time of a landing suddenly progresses and becomes easy to cause an overuse. Furthermore, the pressure of the sole is greatly divided into two places of a heel part and the forefoot part because an arch is high in the high arch. Because a bearing area decreases, a burden becomes easy to hang over the previous foot part which is a moving point of the weight.

It becomes the exhibiting a Entry feet with a high arch

By the fault to increase the stimulation that the ligament that the wide arch of the root part bundles up this part melts of the finger, an arch is depressed and is in a condition to be said to be an exhibiting a Entry feet.

can have fish eyes and rice in high arch

In addition, there are so many cases that people who become high arches can have gnaws or fish eyes on the soles of their feet. This can be done by concentrating pressure on your thumb and little finger by becoming a high arch.

This is the problem with the high arch.

insoles for High arch

If there is an insoles supporting the arch of the foot well, the high arch controls that movement to drift to the little finger side from the landing that is one of the characteristic movement of the high arch strongly appears.

And compare it by supporting a big arch part of the space dropping by an insoles; to the big thumb side of the acceleration even if fall down, and including it occurs, an insoles controls it well.

It is and comes to wrap a foot in aspect pressure of the whole sole by an insoles, and the state that foot pressure was concentrated in heel and two places of the tiptoe prevents the exhibiting a Buddhist image foot by supporting the wide arch of the forefoot part more.

A wide arch can revive at the time of the use of insoles by lifting it physically even if it becomes the exhibiting a Buddhist image foot.
An insoles becomes such important to a high arch.

In a high arch in two insoles can cope.

One use the insoles which a form is decided on. Various insoles establish it with several hundred kinds when I go to the store of the insoles. Coping of the high arch is possible by using such an insoles.

However, there is the precaution, too.

Is the arch made of ligament and muscles? That means, the shapes of the arch of right and left are different, and it means that the degree of the high arch changes by the person.

In the insoles for the high arch which a form is decided on, there is a limit by all means.

It is to support it in a custom-made insoles to be the best.




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